Tips and Care

Bruna Gold-plated jewelry is designed for your complete satisfaction. Follow the tips and guidelines to keep their beauty and

Cleaning the jewelry

Whenever necessary or after using beauty products, use mild soap for washing the piece, and let it drain with enough water, then dry it well. Taking these small precautions, you will be granted with durability and beauty of your Bruna Gold-plated jewelry.


Try to avoid the use with:

  Salty water and sand, in order to avoid corrosion due to the effect of salinity;

 • Gardening, since handling earth and fertilizers can affect the foliation; 

• Cleaning products or chemical products used in household or industrial tasks, which may alter the physical characteristics of the products;

 • Daily hygiene or cosmetic products; 

• Other products that may change color or brightness of the products. 

Inappropriate use:

• Scratch the piece when leaning the arm on rough surfaces 

• Bump into walls or edges;

• Handling sand or abrasive products;

 • Hook the piece on some other object;

 • Friction with one or more products;

 Warranty covers:

• Products in perfect condition with no signs of friction, in which foliation had no proper adherence;

 • Oxidation: stains on the products with no signs of corrosion;

• Loose stones or pearls;

• Weld breaks;

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