Try to avoid the use with:

  Salty water and sand, in order to avoid corrosion due to the effect of salinity;

 • Gardening, since handling earth and fertilizers can affect the foliation; 

• Cleaning products or chemical products used in household or industrial tasks, which may alter the physical characteristics of the products;

 • Daily hygiene or cosmetic products; 

• Other products that may change color or brightness of the products. 

Inappropriate use:

• Scratch the piece when leaning the arm on rough surfaces 

• Bump into walls or edges;

• Handling sand or abrasive products;

 • Hook the piece on some other object;

 • Friction with one or more products;

 Warranty covers:

• Products in perfect condition with no signs of friction, in which foliation had no proper adherence;

 • Oxidation: stains on the products with no signs of corrosion;

• Loose stones or pearls;

• Weld breaks;

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