Product Description

As a popular technology in jewelry making industry, enamel has the ability to make the jewelry look great and have more decorative function. In addition to, such kind of jewelry can prevent from the oxidation. Taking all these into consideration, the enamel jewelry will be the best choice for you whether you use it to make decoration or just reserve it as an art.

The heavy metal and punk element is the distinctive style. It inherited a noble, elegant, aristocratic self-style, and include fashion, the trend of casual and unique elements added to show its leisure.

Choosing necklace with right style and size
The size of necklace depends on different people's conditions. For example, if you have a heavy neck, bigger size is better. If you have thin neck, smaller size is better. And necklace you choose should be matched with your clothes style and color.
Suitable way to clean necklace
No matter what kind of way you had had a try to clean your necklace, you must remember that don's make your necklace wet for a long time or put your necklace into an environment filled with moisture. Because wet air will make your necklace corroded quickly especially for necklace made of metal.

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