Product Description

Micro pave setting, just as its name implies, the nail of this method looks very small and often need to use a magnifying glass to observe, after the pave setting, the stone has a feeling of floating. It is a fairly complicated technology to produce the more delicate and excellent items.

Copper, as one of the pure metals, owns some advantages that it is difficult to be worn and torn, and its soft essence makes the jewelry easy to be shaped in different styles. And there are some researches reveal that copper also has the function of strong anticancer, so it will do no harm to the human's skin.

Matching with deep color hair
Don't choose bracelets and bangles in the color which is close to your hair color because the result of that is not good. But you cannot choose exaggerate color to decorate your hair because if you want to give out your high and good taste, you need to have a prudent decoration for your hair.

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