Product Description

Transparency can leave others a sense of mystery and dream, so the transparent jewelry is loved by all the young ladies. Because you can have so much space to make perfect matches and it can bring you better decoration results.

Rhodium is a chemical element that is a rare, silvery-white, hard, and chemically inert transition metal and a member of the platinum group. The jewelry plated with rhodium have the tarnish resistance, so that you can find it with the same cluster after a long time using. Some of the most expensive consumer items in the world are made from rhodium.

Suitable way to clean earrings
No matter what kind of way you had had a try to clean your earrings, you must remember that don's make your earrings wet for a long time or put your necklace into an environment filled with moisture. Because wet air will make your earrings corroded quickly especially for earrings made of metal.

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