Product Description

Rose gold is a kind of alloy of gold and copper. Because of its very fashionable and beautiful rose color, it is widely used in jewelry design and processing. The rose gold plated jewelry is a good way to shrink your cost and budget, and at the same time, keep the trend of fashion all the time.

Japan -Korea sweet style is loved by all the young girls. Wearing this kind of jewelry, you can look younger, so it is a good way to reduce your true age. You will feel energetic and enthusiastic as well as confident in your own appearance under this piece of jewelry.

Fashion product
Viennois designers are brave and creative to blend different fashion elements to design, which leads the way for international fashion and culture. Viennois’ vanguard design concept and diversified jewellery has been treated as a wine vane in fashion. Viennois holds its young and energetic orientation, and also it is popular with young people at home and abroad all the time.

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