Product Description

An alloy is a mixture composed of a metal and other elements, which is used in some applications, where their properties are superior to other pure component in the given application. It has been a fashionable element applied into the jewelry making industry, so that the jewelry can have a good durability and low cost as well as the its luster can be remained for so a long time.

The Middle Eastern style jewelry is colorful in looking and luxury in design. And then the metal especially gold has been used too much so that create the luxury decoration result. And generally speaking, the best luxury result must be set off by jewelry in Middle Eastern style.

High technology in microns using
On most Collar Necklace, the plating layer is very thin; about 0.02 microns, maybe less, but this product's plating layer is to 0.03-0.05 microns, so the layer can be undermined within 1-2 years
Suitable way to clean necklace
No matter what kind of way you had had a try to clean your necklace, you must remember that don's make your necklace wet for a long time or put your necklace into an environment filled with moisture. Because wet air will make your necklace corroded quickly especially for necklace made of metal.

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