Product Description

Alloy jewelry is good in quality and beautiful in design, and at the same time, you don’t have to worry that allow jewelry does harm to health because all the materials applied into jewelry making had been selected carefully under strict rules. And also alloy jewelry can bring more fashion and unique metal color to life.

Swarovski crystal jewelry is famous for its highest quality, exquisite craftsmanship and the unique designing process. As a leader in the crystal jewelry market, it of course can have the ability to grant your beauty and elegance as well as your higher fashion taste.

Design service
Viennois owns an experienced design team and top designers for many years. Therefore, Viennois has enough space and ability to make concept become perfect product. If you are desire to own your unique jewellery in the world, you can speak out your idea to our designers. Viennois is absolutely confident in achieving your unique story.
Fashion product
Viennois designers are brave and creative to blend different fashion elements to design, which leads the way for international fashion and culture. Viennois’ vanguard design concept and diversified jewellery has been treated as a wine vane in fashion. Viennois holds its young and energetic orientation, and also it is popular with young people at home and abroad all the time.

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