Product Description

Alloy has three common attributes of the very good corrosion resistance, good plasticity and high strength. Besides, different alloy will also have any other good traits. So the jewelry made by alloy always win the favors from all the people who like fashions.

Rose Gold has the high quality and good appearance, which accordingly, the rose gold plated jewelry becomes the mainsteams in the jewelry market. This kind of jewelry has a favorable price and find worksmanship, so that you can have the fashion and get the benifit simultaneously.

Protection of gemstones
When you keep your colored gemstone, you just need to remember that all things you use on jewelry should be soft and dry to avoid hurting jewelry's appearance. In a word, you should protect your jewelry like a baby.
Home cleaning
Many people worry that they don't know how to clean jewelry so that jewelry has a shorter life of wearing. In fact, jewelry cleaning is easy to do. You just need common soap and tower as well as warm water. After your cleaning, timely drying is important for jewelry because the oxygen included in water will corrode jewelry.

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