Product Description

The Middle Eastern style jewelry is colorful in looking and luxury in design. And then the metal especially gold has been used too much so that create the luxury decoration result. And generally speaking, the best luxury result must be set off by jewelry in Middle Eastern style.

Keeping earrings in good environment
Keeping jewelry in a dry and clean environment after your wearing and cleaning. For both gems and metal, water and dirty things are the most harmful things in shortening their using life. And apart from keeping environment, no rubbing is the same important with it. Because every jewelry has its own special cluster and shape, if it rubbed by other things, it will lose its own cluster or beautiful color, so that the jewelry will lose its value at the same time.
Protection of gemstones
When you keep your colored gemstone, you just need to remember that all things you use on jewelry should be soft and dry to avoid hurting jewelry's appearance. In a word, you should protect your jewelry like a baby

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