Product Description

An alloy which takes an important role in making fashion jewelry is a mixture or solid solution composed of a metal and another element. The alloy jewelry have good durability and excellent ability to protect the corrosion and difficult to be oxidized. More importantly, you can get the alloy jewelry in a most favorable price.

Rhinestone jewelry is good in quality and beautiful in looking. As a kind of natural stone, rhinestone jewelry has a fantastic decoration result. And no matter what kind of jewelry that applied to rhinestone, it is beautiful in looking and elegant in sense of fashion.

Choosing right one
When you choose your bracelets and bangles, you must think about the size and style. If you have large wrist, you can choose bigger size bracelets and bangles with simple style and decorations. If you have thin hair, you need to choose colorful bracelets and bangles with more decorations on it to make your hair more beautiful.
Daily cleaning and keeping
When you clean bracelets or bangles, you need to prepare something simple and common such as opera, warm water as well as towel. After your cleaning, you should put your bracelets or bangles at a clean places with enough air.

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