14K gold plated jewelry means that it is 58.5% pure gold included, and it has a bright color and can keep far away from rusting, being corroded and lasting sparkling.

Yellow, with the golden light, is a symbol of wealth and power and it is the pride of color. It can also match many colors, and which will have different temperaments. This positive color will also be the mainstreams in the fashion world.

The first step in sizing is to measure the exact ring size. There arering sizingproducts available to assist you with the task of measuring their ring fingers. When shopping for a ring containing stones, it would be wise to stay within one or two sizes of a ring that has already been cast. If the ring is sized up or down more than one or two sizes, the sizing will affect its structural base. Because a ring must be cut or stretched for the purpose of sizing, the stones may become loose if it has to be stretched too far for the prongs around the stone to withstand. No one wants rings with stones falling out of them, so this is an important factor to consider before purchasing rings with stone settings. Many jewelers customize each ring; however, some sell existing rings directly from their inventories.